Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia

Some of you will know of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I myself chanced upon this website some months back, and I found it to be an excellent place for source-citing. Many of the articles in Wilipedia are very reliable, albeit the fact that, as a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, it is subject to vandalism occasionally. Wikipedia is updated on a daily basis by anonymous users, as well as registered users like myself.
Wikipedia’s counterpart is Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia. I came across this website while viewing Wikipedia’s article about itself. I cannot exactly put Uncyclopedia into words, except that I know it is extremely satirical and, in some cases, very racist (I’ll leave you to find this last bit). Uncyclopedia prides itself in being the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It apparently aims to be the total opposite of Wikipedia, encouraging vandalism and discouraging facts, countering Wikipedia discouraging vandalism and encouraging facts.
I do not know what you’ll make of either site but if you wish, you could view these articles from Wikipedia:
…and these articles from Uncyclopedia:

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