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At long last, MSN Spaces has fully become Windows Live Spaces. With this completion, this Space has been changed back to the old Smoke theme
During the September holidays, I decided to finally connect myself to the Descent Community. While crawling through the PlanetDescent Forums, I learnt that the Vortex client might be a good place to start, so I tried it out. I had some initial problems with getting the IRC online, but I eventually did. I was surprised to find that, on the IRC channel I was on, “Suncho” was actually an administrator! “Suncho” had helped me out with some Descent-related problems and questions some time back, so it was good to have a working connection to him. The situation was like this: I had problems with Descent³. so I went to e-mail Support. Matt Toschlog, one of the orginal members of the Descent³ Team, referred me to “Suncho”. The rest is history.
So, I managed to get Vortex online, and I learnt some startling facts. You may not understand whatever I will relate to you next, but read it out anyway:
– Rake, aka. Ahiodshi, creator of the Fusillade and Flail Videos, uses a mouse to navigate. While using a mouse is fine, ‘mouselooking’ (turning at a rate proportional to how fast the mouse is moved) is not. In multiplayer, ‘mouselookers’ are disabled by default. Furthermore, the ideal control configuration for Descent is Joystick + Keyboard, while the worst was using only the Keyboard (albeit that some elite pilots fly very well using the latter).
– There are less than 300 active members in the Descent Community left; the remaining 20 000+ have deserted.
– One of the IRC users, “BUBBALOU”, is creating a toy-sized, but solid, version of the three main ships in Descent³.
– Some members of the community are over 50.
– Nobody cared what kind of configuration setup I had.
On my very first day in Vortex, “rijruna” invited me to join him in one of the 71 servers running Descent³ multiplayer, but I had to give it a miss because I had no time. However, on the next day, another user, “INTERNETRACECAR”, asked me to choose a game for him and me. Foolishly, I chose a server with a high Ping (the higher the Ping, the slower the response time in multiplayer). After some initial tips and tricks from him, as well as some “handicap” moments, “INTERNETRACECAR” killed me 11 to 1. At least I’ve learnt how to die. Then, the server disconnected us (it happens sometimes, according to “INTERNETRACECAR”), but I was willing to try another game, so this time, I chose the Australian servers, which had the lowest Ping. However, this did not give me much of an edge in battle; I was killed 13 to 3, but I can console myself with the fact that I can actually play against other people from around the world.
After the two games, the statistics were something like this:
– I was killed by Super Lasers, the Mass Driver, Plasma and the Fusion (in order of strength)
– I was destroyed by a Concussion, an Impact Mortar, a Napalm Rocket, a Smart and a Mega missile (in order of strength)
– I committed suicide with an Impact Mortar
– I am better off using the Mass Driver and Smart missiles, but I am terrible at using Plasma and Mega missiles.
– I killed “INTERNETRACECAR” with Homing and Smart missiles.
– “INTERNETRACECAR” committed suicide with an Impact Mortar.
Once my End-of-Year Examinations are over, I will go back in again and try to sharpen my piloting skills.

Windows Live Spaces Update; Wikipedia; Descent³; FreeSpace 2

Ah, a good time to update this space. I have not done so for quite a long time.
For as far as I know, I have been wondering just what happened to Windows Live Spaces. The interface just looked very wrong! At least now, after looking at a Space with the standard theme, I know why. Windows Live is upgrading the old MSN Spaces to Windows Live Spaces. In the process, they will conduct an overhaul of all their themes. This is why the ‘Smoke’ theme looks strange now, so I have decided to use the standard ‘Windows Live’ theme until the overhaul is done, then I will see how it goes.
I have created an article on Wikipedia on one of the games that I play, Descent³. It looks good for now, so I have decided to focus more on articles concerning Descent: FreeSpace. The articles I have contributed to include:
I may upload some pictures of both FreeSpace 2 and Descent³ to this Space in the near-future, or maybe later.

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