Windows Live Spaces Update; Wikipedia; Descent³; FreeSpace 2

Ah, a good time to update this space. I have not done so for quite a long time.
For as far as I know, I have been wondering just what happened to Windows Live Spaces. The interface just looked very wrong! At least now, after looking at a Space with the standard theme, I know why. Windows Live is upgrading the old MSN Spaces to Windows Live Spaces. In the process, they will conduct an overhaul of all their themes. This is why the ‘Smoke’ theme looks strange now, so I have decided to use the standard ‘Windows Live’ theme until the overhaul is done, then I will see how it goes.
I have created an article on Wikipedia on one of the games that I play, Descent³. It looks good for now, so I have decided to focus more on articles concerning Descent: FreeSpace. The articles I have contributed to include:
I may upload some pictures of both FreeSpace 2 and Descent³ to this Space in the near-future, or maybe later.

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