A few days ago, while I was on Wikipedia, I decided to look at their Featured Desktop Backgrounds. Just for fun, I decided to see this image again (I’ve seen it before). This time, however, I decided to take a closer look at the edit summary. What I found was pretty shocking.
This was not a picture taken by someone, nor was it drawn by someone. It was created by this software, known as Terragen. Terragen is a freeware scenery generator. However, the potential of this relatively small software is astounding. It can create, when used well, photorealistic pictures (as evidenced by this image and this image), and that is what makes it so amazing.
I’ll leave descriptions to you, the reader. Go to the Terragen site and try out the software. It’s a small program, so it won’t kill you. If otherwise, you can see some of the renders that I put up on this site, under the ‘Terragen’ photo album.

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