A Small Overhaul…and Windows Vista

The presentation of this site has changed slightly. I did this to reflect changes in personality, albeit that it isn’t really much. However, at my age, things will only start to get even messier. You know what I mean.
So…Windows Vista. All the hype by Blackhole…so now I shall now talk a little about the hyde of it. I mean, I can see what the fuss about Windows Vista is all about; I’m not blind, you know. However, there is always a cloud to a silver lining and vice versa.
Windows Vista has improved User Account Control. While this is a boon to most parents, it would be more of a harbinger to anyone younger than the age of 21. You see, these User Account Controls allow the parent to really take a firm grip on what their offspring are doing…and Windows Vista gives them the power to actually look at the websites they view and block them from accessing the site altogether! If the parents want it, they can even set the amount of time their offspring can use the computer, and when that time expires, the computer logs them off immediately, regardless of whtever they’re doing! Imagine this: you’re in the middle of doing something, but you haven’t saved your work…then here comes Parental Control to ruin everything! If you’re a good kid, there shouldn’t be much to worry about…but who is? Seriously speaking, how many people on this planet use the computer solely for work?
While Windows Vista has DirectX 10 (whatever that is), it has problems running programs that actually worked on previous versions of Windows.  Forget MS-DOS…even Win32 applications have problems! In my case, I need to use Microsoft ActiveSync, but the problem is that I cannot use this program if I upgrade to Windows Vista!
Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Internet Explorer 7 come with Windows Vista…so what? While Windows Media Player has this very nice black interface, it only plays mainstream formats! It can’t read OGG Vorbis, it can’t read tracker modules, and above all, it is still a CPU hog! It doesn’t even have gapless playback, and in some cases, the song actually skips on the first second, such that it starts at 00:01 instead of 00:00! I’d rather use Winamp alongside XMPlay! And what about Windows Internet Explorer? It is good, I must admit, with that search function and all, but it does seem to start up slower than Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Of course, in other cases, it may be better, and in my opinion, it is quite a masterpiece, but should’ve come up with Tabbed Browsing earlier than Mozilla FireFox.
In addition, I have personally seen how Windows Vista looks like. However, I’m not very impressed. The interface of Windows Vista seems more like a black version of the interface of Windows XP Media Center Edition; both are glassy and shiny. I would also like to note here that transparency can make things harder to look at as well; there is only one kind of transparency in the world, and that’s on Windows Vista, as well as on every other car worldwide.
And here’s a thought: while some computers in local retailers are equipped with Windows Vista Home Premium, apparently, most computers are only installed with Windows Vista Home Basic. The term "basic" makes Windows Vista Home Basic sound inferior to Windows Vista Home Premium (in which it is), but why couldn’t Windows Vista Home Basic be called Windows Vista Home Edition since it is seemingly mass-produced for the masses?
Finally, there’s the new Windows Vista Fonts. They look pretty good…but they don’t have to exist solely on Windows Vista. There are actually websites out there that have these fonts, and these fonts have the exact same extension as any other font…so they can still be installed on operating systems that support them.
The conclusion is this: if you’ve messed around with older operating systems in your life, or if there are old programs you like and still want to use, stick to Windows XP, or even Windows 98 Second Edition, for that matter. However, if you want to get in touch with technology, or you have at least S$2000 to spend, go for it; get Windows Vista and start shaking your leg as the operating system provides and does everything for you…even down to time management woes.

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