Quite a surprise, isn’t it? No, there are no hackers involved, but I felt that it was time to really cut this down to size since I don’t update it that often.Minimalism is something that I’m starting to be fond of. I saw it in Ikaruga, as well as on a blog belonging to someone whom I have concern for and trust very much. I thus decided that, since I don’t update this Space very much, I would shrink it down to suit my needs. Think about it: there is no point having so many features on my Space if I don’t use them anyway; I’m better off dispensing with them completely.

I will try to update this Space more in the future. Of course, “updating” in this sense would mean “adding more entries”. However, if you know me well, you’ll also know that, when it comes to personal life, I’m a complete brick. I absolutely refuse to let outsiders know what kind of life I lead; they have no reason to know. When it’s just between friends, however, I’m much, much more open. Hence, I will, once again, be restricting access to this Space. Within a few hours of this entry, I will have achieved my objective.

The person in question, as mentioned in the second paragraph of this boilerplate, has also recommended me to switch to another blogging service. I will consider this should I be unable to restrict access for my Space. Otherwise, nothing remains unchanged.

I am still updating this site as I publish this.

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