Rainy Day

What gloomy weather to greet the changes that I’ve made to the site! I had to make many changes, but it’s finally done.Jacqueline and I are still unemployed, despite the fact that we did go out together to sign up some application forms at NTUC FairPrice and IKEA some two weeks back. This is ironic, considering that Singapore is flooded with jobs that require people. I’m not so sure. I’ve never really fancied doing customer service. I am, however, expressing some interest in an ad for being a server for food and beverages. I don’t think it’s worth the trouble, though; as I write this, the 200 spaces are being filled. They’ll be gone even before I get to Havelock Road!

The rain makes me think of this thing called “global warming”. Environmentalists say that the top brass aren’t paying much attention to it, and in countries like America and China, they may be right. However, there are other countries who are making some effort in saving the environment. Ever wondered why there are so many car models for taxis these days? That sleek blue Comfort cab is a Hyundai Sonata, and it is one of the new models purchased by ComfortDelGro to meet a stringent vehicle emission standard known as Euro IV. They’ll keep on coming, I assure you! Soon, all the old boxy taxis will be phased out completely. If you want to keep a memory of it, go down to Toys R Us and buy a scale model. It costs about $9, I think.

That’s not the end of it. As I have seen personally with my own eyes, there are a lot of solar panels popping up at the terrace houses in Simei. Go take the Mass Rapid Transit from Simei to Tanah Merah and look to the right. Those metallic plates sticking out on some of the roofs are solar panels. If you’ve read your physics textbook, you’ll recognise it even without me telling you in this boilerplate!

I’ve read enough about Terminal 3 to fall asleep (see photo). That roof layout you see on the airport roof is no mesh fence. What it does is collect solar power during the day and discharge it at night.

These are but some of the steps taken by the Singapore government to reduce energy usage. They probably have other methods, but I don’t know what they are. If they’re collecting taxes from us to do all these, I really don’t care if they raise the Goods and Services Tax to 7%; other countries have it worse anyway.

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