It’s STILL raining quite heavily.

I’ve started cleaning the doors in my house. It’s not easy! Mum told me that I had to clean every part of the doors. This would include the frames, grilles, etc. So far, I’ve cleaned six doors; five more remain.
On to another topic, here’s a short chat conversation some minutes ago on Hamumu Flashchat. This is an integrated web chat on the Hamumu Forums.

9:51 [Androgeos Exeunt]: Cat attack?
9:51 [SpaceManiac]: aw, silly girl
9:51 [Androgeos Exeunt]: CAT attakc, SM?
9:51 [SpaceManiac]: my cat walks up to me, climbs on my chair, and meows loudly
9:52 [Androgeos Exeunt]: Spelling error…”attack”.
9:52 [Androgeos Exeunt]: Heh
9:52 [SpaceManiac]: and it’s basically a cuteness attack
9:52 [Androgeos Exeunt]: She probably wants some attention or something…
9:52 [SpaceManiac]: Exactly!
I wonder what you guys thought of this one. As for me, I don’t mind having pets so long as they are easy to manage. If I know that I can’t possibly manage to breed cats in my house, I won’t even buy one in the first place. As it is, I’m not the one feeding the terrapins swimming around in a bucket and a basin in my balcony. Either Mum or Sister does it (because they usually get up earlier than me).

By the way, do you know that you can have a say in my blog entries? There’s that little “Add a comment” link below all my blog entries, you know.

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  1. Jacqueline said,

    10 December 2007 Monday at 4:30 PM

    All pets need attention from their owners, including cats, although they are more known for their independency. I adore all pets, especially the furry ones that are ever so nice to cuddle!

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