Taxi Fares

I did it! All eleven doors in my house have been cleaned and are ready for another year’s worth of punishment.
I also bought a low-quality Rubik’s Cube from Popular Bookstore. While it’s theoretically ideal for me to get the original one (since it’s harder to break), I think the one I bought suits me just fine; no point paying $18 more for something that looks and functions the same!
Here’s news: ComfortDelGro has confirmed that taxi fares are going to be increased. I don’t know when, but I think the flag-down rate will be increased from $2.40 to $3. They’ve also changed some of the other fare rates as well. Now, you may think that this is unfair, but you must come to realise that being a taxi driver in Singapore isn’t exactly an average job, more of a “below average job”. It has been reported that taxi drivers are reluctant to pick up citizens and permanent residents and would only go for tourists as the amount of money they can get from tourists can go as far as $100 per trip. Even a trip from my house to Lim Chu Kang is less than a third of that amount!
And it’s not as if one taxi driver’s doing it; a substantial amount of them are.
The standard of living in Singapore will rise; such change is inevitable.

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