A Tale of Two Trailers

I did it! I cleaned all eleven doors in the house, as well as five of the seven fans. The place looks a little brighter now. Dad’s on leave for the rest of the year, or fifteen days, which is a lot. I still have yet to find a job, although I submitted my application form to Singapore Press Holdings two hours ago. I’m not expecting anything to come out from this, though.
Last week, Hamumu Software President Mike Hommel, or “jamul” as he’s known on the Hamumu Forums, turned 33, according to his YouTube Profile, so I thought I should make a trailer for him as a present.

As you can see for yourself, the frame rate is rubbish, and it is quite drawn out for a trailer. For this, I drew a bit of flak from the Dumb community. I thought that I should rectify the errors I made…and did another one.

This second one’s much better, isn’t it?

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