Freeloading Time Again…

I’d like to wish all of you a merry Christmas. Jacqueline, I hope that you’ll make a speedy recovery.
A month remains until the release of the 2007 General Certificate of Education "Ordinary" Level results…but that’s not important. We all did our best. The battle is over; time to move on.
Recently, I had this very bright idea of attempting to divert more attention away from playing the computer, so I decided that I should continue extending the Pokemon universe that I had already expanded off the "base product" from the official Pokemon franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri. I thought that it would be wise for me to map out every single town and city in the Hoenn Region in my own way. I don’t know how much that’ll help me, but since I’ve got five erasers, three pencils, six rulers, a computer table, a sketch book and almost a month of free time, I thought I should try it out. So far, I’ve mapped out Littleroot Town and Oldale Town. I’m now in the midst of mapping out Petalburg City.
Oh, by the way, Mum received a nice little bedside table from IKEA, courtesy of Sister, for Christmas. I was tasked with setting it up, which I did this morning. Before I did that, though, I washed the dishes, made the bedsheets, disposed excess rubbish and turned off the Chirstmas tree lights.
Strangely enough, though, I felt that this year’s Christmas was blue, not white. Don’t ask me why, though; if I want to tell you, I would on my own accord…but only in person.

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