Coincidence: Fear It

I have no idea as to when I started noticing it, but when I did, I was so frightened by it that I began to sleep less. If there is one thing that I fear above almost anything else, it is coincidence.

I say this because I’ve read quite a few non-fiction books and I note that, in the most unlikely of places, coincidence strikes the hardest. I mean, just look at this:


What in Zinglon was that? All I was going to do was to write a diary entry before calling it a day! What did I do to deserve to see that on my watch? I have no idea. How could it be so coincidental that I looked at my watch and saw a nice little string of twos coming? I can’t believe that!

Another thing which really makes me fear coincidence is how events give you that sense of deja vu. Last Friday, I went home with Vivian (again, since she was so kind enough to wait for me to settle things out with some module-mates of mine). The both of us took an MRT train (which was crowded, as usual)…and the train broke down at Eunos station! How can this happen? Two weeks ago, on Tuesday, I took a train back home with Vivian, and that broke down just before Bedok Station! Up till last week, I sat a train from Clementi Station to Pasir Ris Station from Wednesdays to Fridays, but nothing happened! And yet, when I sat on a train last Friday with Vivian, something happened! Why do breakdowns have to be so coincidental? I don’t mind if the trains break down, but why do they have to break down whenever I take a train with Vivian?

Coincidence knows no bounds, as I noticed last year. When I was in Secondary Four (Grade Ten), I was in the same class of that girl I know (see my previous post). She had a register number of 5, while I had a register number of 25. Multiply 5 by 5, and you get 25! Calculate the square root of 25, and you get 5! Furthermore, if you were to subtract half of 25 – 5 from 25, you get 15, which is the floor number of my flat and is the first number I took a liking to!

Here’s another jaw-dropping incident. Last year (or two years ago; one of the two, definitely), when I was walking to Coral Secondary School (because I was studying there at that time) at about 6.40 am in the morning, I looked up into the pre-dawn sky and was surprised to see…stars! I saw so many of them that it was quite astonishing. I mean, I rarely do see more than ten stars in the sky, but on that day, I saw about fourteen stars altogether. There were no stars in the sky the day before or after that.

..and guess what? That day was my birthday.

One more thing…I did this on 5 May. Both the number of the day and the month are the same as the Secondary Four register number of that girl I know.


  1. mmmelly said,

    8 May 2008 Thursday at 11:13 PM

    haha i like this entry! coolx

  2. theredpants said,

    15 May 2008 Thursday at 12:49 AM

    You’re a strange man, dude. Good thing you’re funny.

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