Coincidence on Wheels

The past few days have been very interesting, primarily because of the uncanny coincidences which kept coming back at me up till just a few minutes ago, when I downloaded this file and updated by previous post. It may only be three instances, but I daresay that these three instances are three of the most interesting ones I’ve experienced to date. I’ll list them in order of when I experienced them, so here we go:

  • On Monday, Tuesday, and today, I took the same bus running under Service 184 from Ngee Ann Polytechnic to Clementi Station. I know this because, on all three days, the bus I sat on was a trailer bus with the plate number “TIB 854E”.
  • This morning, I took a train to Tampines to catch the shuttle bus to Ngee Ann Polytechnic. I know I took the exact same train home from Clementi Station in the evening because, on both trips, I was sitting in carriage number 1009.
  • The file I downloaded just now has the name “SBST_FullYear2007.pdf”. In Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the Storytelling & Storyboarding module is abbreviated as “SBST”.

I also experienced something interesting (very probably coincidental) when I took the train back home yesterday. At some point during the train ride, a flying insect the size of a capsule (as in the medicine) flew into the carriage I was sitting in and landed on quite a few people before it got flicked onto the floor. I decided to have a little fun with it by seeing if I could manipulate its movements through concentration and eye contact, and I was successful…to some extent. The insect moved in the opposite direction of where I wanted to manipulate it to go. For instance, when I tried to manipulate it to go left, it went right. When I wanted it to go backwards, it went forwards instead. I had fun for several minutes until a lady had the sense to stoop down and catch it with a piece of tissue paper.

Finally, notice that everything above is related to public transport. I’m now wondering if this is a retribution from a higher power because I used to think that tunnel wires were artistic…

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