My Bar of Friendship is More Like A Self-Imposed Curse I Coexist With

I thought I should post something short here. I’m not angry or anything, but I am reflecting on my own standards.
I’d like to make it absolutely clear that, while I’m very loyal to the people I call my friends, I also place a great responsibility on them. When I make someone my friend, I will entrust almost everything I have to them, and I will not desert them. This is the standard I have imposed upon myself, and it is not a requirement for anyone to follow them.

Anyone who betrays my trust will no longer be regarded as my friend, and I will not forgive them easily.

I consider it satisfactory to them and to myself, as I have not made any new friends since December 2007. It feels a little lonely at times, but such is the price of having a peaceful everyday life. I’m not one who prefers quantity to quality, and I certainly do not appreciate anyone who tries to interrupt my rest periods.

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