Belated Merge Mention

I know this short post is a bit on the late side, “a bit” being “one year and one month”, but I thought I should do so anyway.

In 2006, I started a blog – my very first, in fact – on what used to be called MSN Spaces. I ran it in a similar fashion to how I run this one – one short post, once every few months. I started that blog because I created a Hotmail account and Microsoft was promoting another one of their free services. My blog on Spaces had restricted access, and only a few people could see it on the Internet.

After I created this blog in April 2008, I decided not to update that one any more, since it no longer fulfilled its purpose. I didn’t feel the need to close it down, though, because I like the way it looked, as well as the (lack of) content it held. Even as MSN Spaces fully became Windows Live Spaces, I kept that blog intact.

Then, in November 2010, I got a little notification from Windows Live. Apparently, they were about to “merge Windows Live Spaces with”, which is their euphemism for “we’re going to shut down Windows Live Spaces, but is willing to help you guys out, so we’re going along with them”. I didn’t want to lose the contents of that blog, and I already had this blog, so I chose the option of merging both.

So there you have it. This blog, which started out as a secondary blog to my primary one on Windows Live Spaces, is now the only blog I have on the Internet. Facebook doesn’t count because they have a character limit for status updates. They have Notes, but I hardly use them; in any case, blog posts like this one are automatically truncated into new Notes whenever I publish. It’s a pretty neat system, don’t you think?


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