50-Word Stories

Here are five fifty-word stories I managed to drum up. All of them are comprised of completely fictional characters and events. You shall not infer any connection between them and real-life events as coincidence may make it seem.

“He lives in an area accessible only by bus or by foot. The bus service is so unreliable that he chooses to walk most of the time, yet his neighbours do otherwise. He wants to convince them that the bus service is horrid and that walking is the better option.”

“She likes to read good books, although she also like reading some racist books as well. Most of her peers discourage her from reading such stuff. However, she feels that such books are educational. She want to show to them that racist books aren’t as bad as most people perceive.”

“She loves the environment. However, her local authority doesn’t give a hoot and allows factories to pollute the environment as they please. Most of the people in her town express their dissent privately. She wants to coerce the authorities into forcing the factories to regulate their pollution of the environment.”

“He’s a brilliant inventor, and thinks he knows how to produce a levitating vehicle. Unfortunately, he is not very rich, and nobody around him cares to listen, preferring to believe that he is senile. He wants to prove to them that his model for a levitating vehicle will definitely work.”

“She is a very hardworking girl, but tends to fail in everything she does. He, on the other hand, is a slacker, but is wealthy and keeps himself updated with the news. He wants to help her get a job in a place where jobs are hard to come by.”


1 Comment

  1. theredpants said,

    3 July 2008 Thursday at 4:12 PM

    I know fifty words is limiting but not impossible to tell a story. Most of your stories here are just openings and not really much in the way of a story with a beginning, middle and end. Like I said, it’s difficult; but not impossible.

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