I am a layman from Singapore. I post on and contribute to the Hard Light Productions community as Androgeos Exeunt, post on and contribute to the Transcendence community as Androgeos and have a YouTube account under the user name HeliosExeunt. On the IRC networks EsperNet and Freenode, I go by the user name “Androgeos” and will occasionally make appearances on #hard-light, #freespace, #scp and #bp on the former and #transcendence, #transcendence-bots and #tyrian on the latter. If you play the South-East Asia version of MapleStory, I manage 14 characters, but for short, my Monster Life farm name is Botany. I have accounts in other parts of the Internet as well, but the ones mentioned above are the communities that I patronise the most.

This blog is not updated very often, but I still do some housekeeping once in a while. The same applies, at the very least, to the accounts I have at the places listed above.

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