The following is a list of openers I created. Feel free to use them as you wish.

  1. John glances down at his feet to see a small child pulling his trouser leg.
  2. As his digital watch counts the seconds down to midnight, Sam steadies himself and straightens his jacket.
  3. Grace turns around, just in time to see a man pull out a gun and point it at her face. “Alright, drop the bag,” he growled.
  4. As Julius hammers the last nail into the box, he hears a knock on the front door.
  5. Godfrey sees a train pull over. He makes a run for it.
  6. Nervously, Janet bows towards her male counterpart.
  7. The two pilots of the bomber swing their aircraft into position behind the tanker.
  8. The president looks out of the balcony of his palace and sees a cloud of dust in the nearby forest clearing.
  9. As Daisy walks along a canal, she hears someone call her by name.
  10. “This is the innovation to end all innovations!” Hughes declares, looking at the strange contraption beside him.
  11. As a bomb whistles past their heads, the commander says, “A window! Let’s go!”
  12. Upon seeing him approach her from the throng, her heart skips a beat.

1 Comment

  1. theredpants said,

    1 May 2008 Thursday at 8:36 PM

    Generally, your openers are fine. However, they are a bit uninteresting and I need to see more creativity in openers that can hook people. Having said that, I do like Number 4. Now that’s intriguing.

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