The following are details of some people who caught my attention while I was sitting on a train one day.

IMPORTANT: The names and addresses of these people were taken at random from a phone book. Do not assume that these are their actual names and addresses.

“This man is dark-skinned and has neatly-combed black hair. He wears a silver watch of unknown brand on his left wrist, a ring on both his fourth fingers, and a pair of metal-rimmed bronze glasses of unknown brand. He is engrossed in some pamphlet related to the Banquet food court. He got off at Tanah Merah. Perhaps he is going to Changi Airport. From his facial details, I reckon he’s about forty. I have picked out the following details from a phone book:

Sanip bin Makrop
Blk 751 Pasir Ris street 71 #03-68

“This man is light-skinned and has uncombed black hair. He wears a light-blue checkered shirt with a navy blue checkered tie. He also wears a pair of acrylic-rimmed glasses, a watch with a leather strap on his left wrist, a handphone pouch, presumably containing a handphone or another similar small device, and a pair of black shoes and pants. He is holding two booklets, one titled ‘Nanyang Polytechnic School of Business Management Ltd. – Industrial Placement Programme’ and the other related to ‘Singapore Foods Ltd.’ and a 7-Eleven plastic bag, contents unknown. He was sleeping for most of the train ride and got off at City Hall Interchange. Given his stature, I guess he’s only a couple of years older than me. Perhaps he has been attached to work for Singapore Foods Ltd. via Nanyang Polytechnic. I have picked out the following details from a phone book:

Chua Chu Keng
Blk 410 Tampines street 41 #12-233″


1 Comment

  1. theredpants said,

    3 July 2008 Thursday at 4:10 PM

    I think these descriptions are quite sparse actually – when you observe, you need to draw more conclusions from what you see, not just the physicality of the people – that will make your characters more 3 dimensional.

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