A Dumb Post

As you know, in my previous post, I stated that I had waited five years just to buy Dr. Lunatic Supreme With Cheese, as well as two other Dumb games, direct from Hamumu Software, and in a very valiant attempt at ending the wait once and for all, I sent a U.S. check out to the other side of the world with absolutely no idea of what was going on. All I knew was that it would take at least eight days for the President (or Marshmallow Head, as they like to call themselves) of Hamumu Software to receive it personally.

Eight days later, it reached its destination.

I took so long just to blog this partly because I was lazy, and partly because I still thought I was dreaming. My first transaction to America has reached a successful conclusion, and I’m both glad and relieved that it has.

To celebrate, I created two new trailers with two of the games I bought. They are embedded below.

It took me one month and twelve days to stop dreaming. That’s pathetically Dumb.


My Bar of Friendship is More Like A Self-Imposed Curse I Coexist With

I thought I should post something short here. I’m not angry or anything, but I am reflecting on my own standards.
I’d like to make it absolutely clear that, while I’m very loyal to the people I call my friends, I also place a great responsibility on them. When I make someone my friend, I will entrust almost everything I have to them, and I will not desert them. This is the standard I have imposed upon myself, and it is not a requirement for anyone to follow them.

Anyone who betrays my trust will no longer be regarded as my friend, and I will not forgive them easily.

I consider it satisfactory to them and to myself, as I have not made any new friends since December 2007. It feels a little lonely at times, but such is the price of having a peaceful everyday life. I’m not one who prefers quantity to quality, and I certainly do not appreciate anyone who tries to interrupt my rest periods.

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